When to Call a Plumber for Plumbing Maintenance?

What do clogged toilets, dripping faucets and low water pressure all have in common? They’re plumbing issues that many homeowners try to fix without calling a plumber. While using a plunger to fix a clogged toilet might temporarily fix the problem, most plumbing issues need the expertise of a professional. Here are three warning signs that indicate it’s time to call a plumber in Siesta Key, Florida, for plumbing maintenance:

Gurgling Noises

Pipes and drains make a gurgling noise when trying to find air, which is a sign of a potential backup. There’s usually a clog of some sort that causes the gurgling. Turn off the water any time you hear a gurgling noise when washing clothes, taking a shower or running the dishwasher. This stops water from backing up into your house. The easiest way to prevent water backups and other plumbing problems is to invest in regular plumbing maintenance.

Low Water Pressure

Gunk buildup is a common cause of low water pressure in bathroom and kitchen sinks. Over time, the gunk builds up on the faucets’ aerators and makes it difficult for water to maintain its normal pressure level. Cleaning the aerators usually fixes this problem. If it doesn’t, you might have an eroded waterline or water leak. The problem could also stem from a fractured pipe. Regardless of the cause, you’ll need a professional plumber to perform a repair.

Slow Draining

Don’t pour chemicals down a drain unless your plumber suggests it. A lot of slow drain chemicals erode pipes and damage plumbing systems. If you notice a slow drain, call a plumber instead of performing a DIY repair. Even taking a plunger to a slow drain can harm your plumbing system.

Need help deciding whether to call a plumber for plumbing maintenance? Call Custom Air & Plumbing today at (866) 819-0992 to speak with a certified plumber. Any time you notice something isn’t right with your plumbing, it’s usually best to call a plumber right away.

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