3 Ways You’re Harming Your Plumbing

You’re trying to fall asleep, but the steady drip of the faucet in your bathroom is keeping you awake. This has to be the fifth time such a thing has happened since you moved to Sarasota, Florida. What keeps going wrong? Unfortunately, that leak could be a result of unconscious habits that are harming your plumbing. If you’re inflicting these three bad habits on your plumbing, you may soon face permanent pipe damage:

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

You’ve finished washing your hands. But the water isn’t draining, and you’re suddenly aware of how dirty your sink is as every particle and piece of hair hangs in the standing water. What do you do? Grab the drain cleaner and clog remover. You pour it once, but little changes, so you pour more. Finally, the clog’s gone, but you’ve damaged the pipes. The chemicals in cleaners are strong. Multiple uses can damage your plumbing.

Pouring Grease Down Your Drain

Maybe you’ve heard that it’s fine to throw hot grease down the drain as long as you run the disposal and use hot water. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. No matter how hot your water is, that grease will stick to your pipes as it cools. Grease will build up over time. As a result, it’ll damage your pipes. The EPA found that 47 percent of clogs in the United States are a result of pouring grease down the drain.

Repairing the Plumbing Yourself

We get it. You have a leaking pipe, and you’d rather try fixing it yourself instead of paying for a professional. However, without the proper experience and training our plumbers offer, you may damage your plumbing system. As a result, you’ll accrue costly repairs. The investment in professional repairs is worth the money.

Don’t let your bad habits be the reason for plumbing damage. To repair harm to your pipes, call our team at Custom Air & Plumbing at (866) 819-0992.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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