Indoor Air Quality Services in Sarasota, FL

The air you breathe in your home may be more polluted than you realize, as tight home sealing can limit the exchange of fresh air from outside. Gases and particles that enter your home in Sarasota, Florida, account for much of the indoor air pollution, but high temperatures and humidity levels in the region also contribute to concerns. It’s important to be aware of indoor air quality issues to ensure that you maintain a healthy environment for those in your household.

Indoor Air Quality Services And Solutions

Indoor Air Pollution Concerns

Odors and dust particles are some of the most notable pollutants that negatively affect your home’s air quality. Pollutants can be gaseous or solid in nature. The approach to dealing with each of these types of pollutants may be different, but the common goal is to improve the availability of fresh, clean, air. Some pollutants can provoke allergic responses while others can expose residents of your home to diseases. Additional indoor air quality factors can affect your comfort levels and structural elements in your home. Each home is unique, making it important to address concerns based on the specific conditions noted in every location in it.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Our technicians are available to evaluate your home's air through indoor air quality testing. As we take samples for testing, we can identify specific issues and recommend appropriate indoor air quality services. Our professionals can also inspect existing equipment, structural features, and signs of damage to pinpoint specific concerns. We identify your causes of indoor air pollution and recommend strategies for improving your home's air supply.

Indoor Air Quality Services and Solutions

There are several IAQ equipment options to supplement the operation of your HVAC system, allowing your air to be cleaned, managed, and monitored for a healthier home environment.

  • Air Purification: an air filter is your first line of defense and should be checked and changed frequently. An air purification system is also ideal for those who need more intensive removal of pollutants. Germicidal air purifiers also capture and kill biomaterials such as viruses and bacteria.
  • Ventilation: the exchange of fresh air from outside with polluted air from inside can address gaseous pollutants and odors. Energy recovery ventilation also limits energy loss during this exchange.
  • Humidification: the addition of moisture to winter air can improve the feel of the air in your home and promote healthy conditions.
  • Dehumidification: dehumidifiers or advanced air conditioning equipment may be helpful in keeping indoor humidity levels within an ideal range.
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring: monitors are important safety devices and should be placed in sleeping spaces and on each level of a home.
  • Maintenance: proper maintenance of your central HVAC equipment and ducts promotes cleaner air.

We’re proud to offer comprehensive IAQ services and solutions to residents of Sarasota, Florida, and surrounding communities. Call us to discuss your concerns today.

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