What You Should Know About IAQ and Seasonal Allergies

Allergies can make it hard for you or your child to enjoy the activities you really love. The change of the seasons may bring some relief for many Sarasota residents who are seasonal allergy sufferers, but indoor allergies are extraordinarily stubborn. They last year-round, and it is likely that the triggers are in your home. What you should know is that indoor air quality (IAQ) can aggravate, and even cause, indoor allergies.

What Triggers Indoor Allergies?

A remarkable number of pollutants and allergens exist in our homes. Contaminants lurk everywhere. Dust mites gather in mattresses and carpets, mold thrives in humid conditions, pet dander floats around, chemicals from household or cosmetic sprays linger in the air. In an airtight home, these allergens and pollutants circulate and get into the nasal passages and respiratory system of the allergy sufferer. Children are more vulnerable. Their bodies launch an immune system response which creates the sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, and other symptoms.

Without proper ventilation and air purification,for example, to decrease the number of allergens in your home, respiratory conditions could worsen.

What Can You Do?

You should always follow a thorough cleaning schedule, but it is even more important if someone in your home suffers from seasonal allergies. Keep surfaces free of dust. Remove carpets if you can, or vacuum them often. Change toxic cleaners to natural ones. Wrap your mattresses in anti-allergy mattress covers. You should also have your air quality tested. Consult with your HVAC contractor. Technicians can pinpoint specific problems and provide important data about humidity, air purification, and ventilation that can guide your management strategy. Keep your HVAC system maintained. Change the air filter regularly to keep air flow free from contaminants and allergens, and get the system serviced between seasons.

The trusted technicians at Custom Air & Plumbing are here to help you keep your home and family healthy. You can depend on us. Call us today at (866) 819-0992 to schedule an indoor air quality assessment.

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