Top 3 Thermostat Hacks for Summer Savings

The thermostat in your Sarasota, Florida, home is one of the keys to keeping your utility bills down, especially during the hot summer. Try these thermostat hacks to experience energy savings this summer.

Manual Thermostats

Manual thermostats are tricky because it’s hard to be precise. Avoid the pitfall of cranking the temperature more than a degree or two at a time if you want to save energy. Big temperature swings can be inefficient and end up costing you more.

Try to be exact as possible when you change the temperature. It’s sometimes hard to read on your manual thermostat. If you have a manual thermostat, it’s time to look into installing a programmable or smart thermostat to really see the energy savings this summer.

Programmable Thermostats

To save money this summer, program your thermostat to raise the temperature during the day while you’re away and change back to a cooler temperature before you return home. If you’re going to be gone all day at work or all weekend for a trip, you’ll save on your utilities by turning up the temperature during that time.

That said, remember that if your home becomes too humid while you’re away, you increase the risk of biological growth. Also, keep in mind the comfort of any pets in the house while you’re away.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are the most innovative and green option for your home. You can control the temperature settings from a mobile device, even if you’re not at home.

A smart thermostat helps when the weather is unpredictable or a rainstorm hits suddenly. It also allows you to keep tabs on the temperature in case your kids have the habit of changing it dramatically when they walk in the door. You can program your smart thermostat but also update it from your phone if something changes.

If you need help staying cool this summer, we’re the people to call. Contact Custom Air, Inc. at (866) 819-0992 to save more this summer.

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