Home HVAC Thermostat Settings for the Florida Winter

When you live in Bradenton, Florida, you save energy and money in the wintertime because of the milder temperatures. But there are times when you need to turn on the heater. Pay attention to your HVAC thermostat settings to ensure you aren’t overpaying on utilities this winter.

Maintain Consistent Settings

Your heating system warms the indoor air to match your setting. Set your thermostat as close to the outside temperature as possible, so your system works less to heat your home. In the winter, set your thermostat to 68 degrees when you’re at home to keep heating bills down.

Avoid Temperature Swings

One of the worst things you can do for energy efficiency is swing your temperature settings drastically. When your system has to run to change the temperature, it uses a lot of energy. If it’s an unusually cold day, don’t crank up the heat. Set the thermostat to your normal temperature. Cranking the thermostat up doesn’t heat up your home any faster; in fact, it wastes more energy and costs you more money.

Use Natural Heating Techniques

If you’re concerned about saving energy this winter, look beyond your thermostat. Floridians are fortunate to be able to save heat in the winter without having to combat freezing temperatures. By using natural energy-saving techniques, you can set your thermostat even lower. For every degree below 68 that you set your thermostat, you can save as much as 2 percent in energy. To stay comfy:

  • Add insulation throughout your house.
  • Use heavy curtains to trap heat from escaping at night.
  • Change your bedding to flannel sheets and cozy comforters.

If you have questions about your HVAC system, we’re the people to call. Contact Custom Air and Plumbing at (866) 819-0992 to schedule heating maintenance or learn more about the best HVAC thermostat settings for the winter in Florida.

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