3 Signs of a Water Leak in Your Home

Dealing with a water leak in your Lakewood Ranch, Florida, home is never a fun experience. Leaks can be difficult to spot since the pipes typically sit behind and between walls. Keep an eye out for some of the key warning signs that signal you have a water leak in your home.

Water Bills Increase

Some fluctuation in your monthly water bill is normal between seasons. You shouldn’t see drastic increases from one month to the next or year over year, though. If you notice that your bill makes a major jump, you could have a hidden leak that’s wasting water. To locate the source of the leak, you’ll need to contact a plumbing professional. They can bring in equipment to determine where water is flowing from and how to resolve the issue.

Wet Floors or Walls

Walking across the floor and stepping in a puddle is a key sign that water is leaking from somewhere. Wet floors may indicate that a floor drain has water coming up through it due to a clog in the pipe. You may also have dampness on your walls when a pipe behind them is leaking or damaged. Water where it shouldn’t be is always cause for concern. Therefore, you should contact a plumber to take a closer look right away. They can use a moisture-detecting device to determine how far the water has spread, which will give insight into where the leak is spreading from within the home.

Musty Odors

The presence of moisture can increase the risk of biological growth, which will give off a musty odor in the air. If you catch a whiff of an earthy scent, it’s best to have your home tested for the presence of biological growth. Additional warning signs include dark patches on your walls or ceilings and a damp feeling in the air.

At Custom Air & Plumbing, our team of plumbing experts can determine if you have a water leak and come up with a plan for repair. Contact us today at (866) 819-0992.

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