Allergy Season is Here: Are You Ready?

Spring has arrived, and the related allergy issues are a significant concern for many. You may think that avoiding outside activity will provide you with the best defense against high pollen levels, but you need to realize that up to 25 percent of indoor particulates can be traced to outside sources. Additional pollutants in your home can compound problems, making it important to consider indoor air quality services as you consider how to improve your home environment and air supply.

HVAC Maintenance

Your air filter is a simple resource in the battle against pollen in your home. Unfortunately, this issue is often neglected throughout the cooling season. A fresh air filter at the start of cooling activity can ensure that larger particles are removed from circulation. If you will be running your fan without cooling your home, install a fresh filter before turning the fan on for the first time. Leaving a dirty filter in place during fan operation or seasonal cooling can lead to continued exposure to pollens and other pollutants, especially if you allow your filter to become clogged with dust particles to the point at which it collapses under the weight of the material.

Preventative HVAC maintenance is also important because it includes coil cleaning along with cleaning of your drip pans and blower parts. These areas can harbor particles, including some of those outside irritants that have infiltrated your home. Cleaning removes the particles, reducing the pollution of your airstream.

Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air ducts is another way to remove pollen that has gotten into your home and settled. Your ducts can harbor just as much dust as your filter, AC coils and household fixtures. As your air supply moves through the system, you can be exposed to pollutants all over again. Your need for air duct cleaning can range based on issues like how tightly your home is sealed and how meticulous you are about AC maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality Enhancements

An IAQ assessment may provide additional information about the pollutants in your home. Additionally, your HVAC expert can recommend targeted solutions to address these issues if you continue to struggle with allergies as you avoid outside activities. An air cleaner is an excellent option for intensive filtration. Multiple cycles per hour lead to more thorough removal of foreign particles from your breathable air. Additionally, trap-and-kill technology can address viruses, bacteria and mold in your air.

An energy recovery ventilator is excellent for providing fresh but filtered air to your home. An intake of fresh air through a filtration system ensures that fewer irritants are introduced into your residence. At the same time, the exhausting of indoor air eliminates many pollutants that are attributed to chemicals and cooking byproducts. An ERV also recovers cooling energy from the outgoing stream of air so that there is minimal impact on your energy bills.

If you are ready to address your IAQ concerns, contact the team at Custom Air for assistance. Our experts offer maintenance services for ensuring optimum performance and better air quality. We can also provide an IAQ evaluation to help as you look for relief from your allergies. Call our Lakewood Ranch, FL, office for more information.

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