Allergies a Problem? It Might be Time for Air Duct Cleaning

When your allergies act up, it may seem like a good time to stay indoors. While this may provide you with some relief from outside issues like pollen and pollution, it’s helpful to keep in mind that approximately 25 percent of your indoor pollutants come from outside your home. Additional factors in your home can contribute to indoor pollution problems, as well. In fact, if your allergies seem to flare up frequently throughout the year, it’s possible that your home is harboring the most significant irritants. Air duct cleaning and other indoor efforts may provide some relief.

Air Ducts and Indoor Air Quality

If you inspect an out-of-reach shelf or fixture, you may find that there is a significant layer of dust. This same condition is probably true of the interior of your ducts. When was the last time you cleaned or dusted that fixture? What about your ducts? Duct cleaning may be helpful for removing unseen dirt and debris that may cause irritations and respiratory problems.

Start with a Duct Inspection

Before your ducts are cleaned, it’s helpful to schedule a duct inspection. Leaky ducts can allow dirt, insects and even rodents to get into your home, and duct cleaning without sealing those leaks is impractical. Your HVAC contractor can use remote equipment to visually inspect the walls of your air ducts. He can also use measuring equipment to test for air pressure to evaluate the severity of leaks. Recommended leak sealing should precede any cleaning services.

Can I Seal and Clean My Own Ducts?

While your DIY skills may be good, it’s important to remember that the major portion of your ductwork is out of view and out of reach. Proper sealing materials must be used to ensure that your system is free of leaks. Additionally, you won’t adequately remove dirt from your ducts with common household equipment.

Many imagine that a vacuum extension is enough, but the reality is that professionals use high-powered vacuums with HEPA filters to ensure that debris isn’t introduced back into your airstream. They also use rotating brushes to loosen material from duct walls. You can’t accomplish this without the right extensions. In fact, you could even damage your ducts, making the problem worse.

How Often Should I Schedule Air Duct Cleaning?

Every home is unique, and you will need to make decisions based on the conditions in your structure. A tightly-sealed home may not need these services very often. A home in a dusty or polluted environment may need more frequent duct cleaning. Your contractor can assist you in devising a plan for periodic duct inspection and related care.

Professional Results

If you are ready to address the condition of your ductwork, the team at Custom Air Heating & Cooling is prepared to assist. Our Long Boat Key, FL, office can schedule an inspection or other indoor air quality services at your convenience. Call us today.

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