3 Ways High Indoor Humidity Affects You

According to the state climatologist, Florida is the most humid state in the country. Heat and humidity during the summer months can have a huge impact on your comfort levels as you participate in outdoor activities. However, humid conditions indoors can also affect your life in various ways. Following are three important reasons to control moisture levels in your Sarasota, Florida, home.

The Structural Effects of Humid Conditions

Too much moisture in the air can cause various types of problems with your home’s furnishings and structural materials. For example, wood tends to swell during humid periods, which can impact doors and door frames, preventing easy opening and closing. Moisture collecting on walls can affect paint or other wall coverings. Furniture and musical instruments can also be impacted by humid conditions. Failing to manage your home’s relative humidity (RH) can have costly consequences over time.

High Moisture Levels and Your Health

In a humid home, there is a significant risk of mold growth, which causes a variety of health issues for those who are sensitive to the material. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the consequences of excessive mold can range from allergy symptoms to serious infections based on the health of those living in the residence. WHO recommends an indoor RH of no greater than 50 percent. Indoor air quality solutions for moisture reduction are crucial for protecting the health of persons in your household.

Comfort and RH Control

Excessive moisture can prevent the evaporative process that helps you to feel cool. This is why a spike in your indoor RH often causes it to feel as if your air conditioner is not working very well. However, an efficient air conditioner removes moisture from the air as it operates. One of the top solutions for managing RH in the home is scheduling preventive maintenance for your cooling system before the beginning of summer or as soon as possible.

Custom Air & Plumbing is available to assist you in achieving optimum AC performance through system maintenance. You can also learn more about our indoor air quality solutions online or by contacting us at (866) 819-0992.

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