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Sarasota FL Customer Testimonials

Ken Zarder, a Meadows resident who is active in his Sandlehealth Condo Association

I’ve recommended Custom Air to so many people. When I discovered I needed to replace my unit I called three other companies to get bids. All the prices were similar, but Custom Air offered me a much better system. It’s absolutely superb! In fact, my wife says she hardly has to dust anymore. Plus, it’s so much quieter than our old unit.

Mrs. Hank Mercer

We were so impressed with the professionalism at Custom Air and we thought their prices were excellent compared to others we checked. Our unit was about 15 years old and since we spend the summers up north, we didn’t want anything more to happen to it while we were gone. Se we replaced it with a technologically advanced model. It’s been wonderful!

Fred Thiel, Bradenton

Other companies we checked were so much higher. Custom Air not only gave us a better price, but their unit was top of the line and their installation was flawless. They explained everything in detail to us and there was a nice follow up after the installation to make sure everything to make sure everything was working properly.

Sandy Kieuth, Sarasota

I also recommend Custom Air very highly. Two weeks after I bought my house, the air conditioner went out. I had read about Custom Air so I called them to see if they could fix it. It turned out that the previous owner of my home had a maintenance contract with Custom Air that was still in effect. So the repairs cost me absolutely nothing! Needless to say, when the maintenance contract came up for renewal this year, I renewed without question!

Bernie Herbst, Chanteclair (Meadows) resident

My system was 15 years old and it was time to replace it. I got bids from several companies but was most impressed with Custom Air . They were straightforward, knowledgeable and fairly priced. Their installers put in a Trane XL 1400 and air handler and I only say they were a pleasure to work with. I would certainly recommend them.

Elaine Biddison, Bradenton

I called other air conditioning companies in the past and they said I needed a new unit without even looking at my old unit. Custom Air was so different. They explained everything thoroughly and put in a system that has cut my electric bill drastically. I also got 10 years parts and labor from Trane.