Why Ductless AC Systems Are Better Than Window Units in Venice, FL

When you need to add cooling to your home addition or studio apartment, you might get caught deciding between a window unit or a ductless air conditioner. Both options have pros and cons, but mini-splits might have more advantages than window-mounted air conditioners. Find out why ductless AC systems might work better for your living space before you make your decision.


A mini-split costs more upfront than most window units, but they have remarkable energy efficiency. Variable-speed compressors operated by accurate monitoring of room conditions mean that mini-splits always adjust their workload to meet the cooling demands of their room. The result is a consistently comfortable temperature without spiking your cooling bills.


Window units can only go in windows, so your installation options are naturally limited. On the other hand, mini-splits can get hung or mounted from ceilings and walls, so you can place them where they suit you. Mini-splits are also more likely to have advanced features, including remote controls.


A window unit can cool any room you put it in, but many mini-splits can also provide heating. You might have rooms that need both in a home without central HVAC. A mini-split can offer that in one convenient package.


You can only install a window air conditioner one way, and many HOAs ban them from their communities, given how unsightly they appear. Alternatively, ductless AC systems are installable in numerous configurations, so they’re inconspicuous. Strategic landscaping can mask the outdoor unit, and the indoor unit might also sit where it doesn’t command attention.


Even if you don’t bother your neighbors, a window unit produces noise in the home, whereas mini-splits are extremely quiet in how they operate. You may not even hear them over ambient background noise.

Mini-splits have many more benefits than window units, but your decision needs to suit your preferences, available budget and cooling needs. Window units might be quick and convenient, but mini-splits make for a long-term investment that may also help boost your property value. Contact Custom Air & Plumbing for AC installation options in Venice, FL.

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