3 Worst Spots to Install Your Smart Thermostat in Sarasota, FL

To save on utilities while keeping your home comfortable, you’ll try implementing conservation methods. You might run your air conditioner at a higher temperature and unplug items not in use. When done correctly, installing a smart thermostat is a great way to save energy and money. Keep reading to discover the three worst places to install your smart thermostat in Sarasota, FL:

Areas With Extreme Temperatures

Avoid installing your air conditioner’s smart thermostat in an area where there are extreme temperatures. Examples of areas are those that are too hot, too cold or receive direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures can cause your smart thermostat to have false readings that will make your HVAC system run longer than necessary, leading to increased energy bills.

Hallways and Corridors

Another area of the home where experts don’t recommend installing a smart thermostat is in a hallway. Hallways are known for restricted airflow and temperature fluctuations, which can cause your HVAC system to make other areas of your home too hot or too cold.

Near or Above Air Vents

Smart thermostats near or above air vents will cause your HVAC system to not adequately heat or cool your home because the air coming from the vents will skew temperature readings. If your air conditioner is on, the thermostat will shut off before the entire home cools down. If the heat is on, the thermostat will believe the desired temperature is reached and shut off before your home reaches a comfortably warm temperature.

Do you want your smart thermostat to have accurate temperature readings? We recommend placing it in a centralized location, such as the living room. If you’re in the market for a new thermostat or other air conditioning solutions in Sarasota, FL, contact Custom Air & Plumbing. We’ll help you procure smart solutions that will keep your home comfortable and energy bills manageable.

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