Why Is My HVAC Thermostat Screen Blank in Venice, FL

Though different thermostats differ in the layout and contents of their on-screen displays, they should all showcase important information. No thermostat screen should be completely blank. Find out more about some common causes of a blank HVAC thermostat screen in your Venice, FL, home today.

Dead Batteries

The simplest explanation for why your thermostat’s screen is blank is that its batteries died. The solution is equally simple: replace the old batteries with new ones.

Broken Device

If the above fails to restore your thermostat to normal, then a more serious issue is afoot. Perhaps your thermostat is completely broken. There are many explanations for why that might be the case.

First, your thermostat may be too old. The average life expectancy for contemporary programmable thermostats is about 10 years, and if yours is older than that or even just near that age, you should think about replacing it with a new one. Newer thermostats will have features that enable them to operate your HVAC system with greater efficiency than older ones.

Another possibility is that some sort of electrical wiring issue or faulty internal component is not allowing power to reach the device. This might happen regardless of the device’s age. In this case, an HVAC service technician will have to replace your HVAC thermostat with a new one.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

It’s also possible that your HVAC has somehow tripped your circuit breaker, causing the breaker to stop the flow of power to the entire system, including the thermostat. Many things might cause this.

For example, dirty air filters may have blocked off airflow, causing the system to work harder and draw in too much power. Also, the system’s compressor or motors may have malfunctioned.

You must make sure that the HVAC thermostat in your Venice, FL, home works properly. Call Custom Air & Plumbing and get help when you ask us for our HVAC services.

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