Why Is My HVAC Thermostat in Sarasota, FL in Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode is a feature that allows the thermostat to anticipate when you should adjust your home’s temperature. As such, it can reach your desired temperature at a certain time. If you notice your HVAC thermostat has gone into recovery mode in your Sarasota, FL, home, ask yourself these questions:

Is There a Problem With My HVAC System?

Recovery mode can occur when there’s a problem with your air conditioner. If your AC system isn’t functioning properly, your thermostat may regularly enter recovery mode in an attempt to reach the desired temperature. In this case, it’s important to ask a professional service technician to inspect and repair your AC system to prevent further issues.

When Does an HVAC System Enter Recovery Mode?

The system will likely go through a collaboration process if you recently installed or replaced the thermostat. Similarly, if you turned theAC system off or put it on standby for an extended period, it might need extra time to reach the desired temperature.

Some air conditioners have a feature that learns your preferred temperature settings and adjusts accordingly, causing it to enter recovery mode as it adapts to your habits. Recovery mode is also caused by an oversized or undersized air conditioner, as it struggles to reach the desired temperature quickly.

How Long Does Recovery Mode Take?

Under normal conditions, the length of time recovery mode takes depends on several factors, including the size of your home, the efficiency of your HVAC system and the difference between the current and the desired temperatures. If there’s nothing wrong with the HVAC thermostat, it should take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours before the indication turns off.

If you’re unsure why your HVAC thermostat is in recovery mode, or if you suspect there’s a problem with your AC system, contact Custom Air & Plumbing. We can provide a thorough inspection of your system and diagnose any issues that may cause your HVAC thermostat to enter recovery mode.

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