Why Fall Maintenance is Important for Your Commercial HVAC System

One of the biggest investments you’ll make for your Longboat Key, Florida, business is the commercial HVAC system. It’s vital that you keep it well-maintained for energy efficiency and cost savings. Fall is a great time to have the HVAC system serviced as the cooler temperatures allow you to turn it off while we’re servicing it without sacrificing your comfort. Let’s look at three benefits you’ll enjoy from a well-tuned commercial HVAC system.

Improve Efficiency and Performance

When you have all of the parts that compose your commercial HVAC system calibrated, cleaned and properly lubricated, it’ll work as it should. When the system doesn’t have to work as hard to deliver conditioned air, it’ll use less electricity and last longer. With a well-maintained commercial HVAC system, you’ll notice that it runs more smoothly and performs more efficiently.

Save Money on Energy Bills

The HVAC system uses an enormous amount of energy, especially through long hot summer with the air conditioner cranked up. According to some estimates, nearly 15% percent of the electricity you use in a commercial business goes into cooling costs. But if your system isn’t performing well, those costs will only increase. Scheduling regular commercial HVAC maintenance will save you money on energy bills.

Better for the Environment

Dirty ductwork will blown filth into the building. This can lead to poor indoor air quality, which isn’t healthy for your employees or patrons. Also, leaks or cracks in the ducting lead to a large percentage of lost conditioned air. As a result, they increase energy usage and power bills. By maintaining the entire system, you’re creating a more sustainable footprint by using less electricity and reducing the cost to operate it.

Do you need to schedule fall maintenance on your commercial HVAC system? Don’t hesitate to give our professional team at Custom Air & Plumbing a call today. We’re ready to speak with you at (866) 819-0992.

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