5 Ways to Protect Your AC System From Inclement Weather

When a big storm is forecast for Sarasota, Florida, taking steps to secure your property can prevent damage and keep your family safe. It’s important to protect your air conditioner from high water and strong winds. Here are five critical actions to take to protect your AC system:

Cut the Power

Before the storm arrives, turn off the breakers for your AC system. Unlike simply turning off the thermostat, switching off the unit at the circuit breaker ensures the power is off. If a power surge occurs during a storm, it could spark an electrical fire or seriously damage your AC system.

Secure the System

Tighten the bolts that hold your outdoor AC system in place. You can also secure the equipment with hurricane straps. If you use window units, remove them from the windows before the storm. Strong winds can pull them from the window and cause serious damage.

Cover the System

Shield the system from water by covering it with a tarp that can withstand strong winds. You can use a specially designed plastic or vinyl cover. You can also place a plastic, metal or plywood cage around the air conditioner to protect it from flying debris if strong winds occur.

Remove Projectiles

In addition to protecting the AC system from projectiles, eliminate any objects from the yard that could become airborne in hurricane-force winds. This includes loose or damaged tree branches, outdoor furniture, children’s toys, tools, planters, grills and all other loose objects.

Stay Safe After the Storm

If you think inclement weather has affected your AC system, avoid turning it on until an HVAC contractor has inspected it. You may want to purchase a backup generator. As a result, you won’t be without power for days or weeks in the wake of a big storm.

If your AC system endures damage, Custom Air & Plumbing can help. Contact us at (866) 819-0992 for fast, effective air conditioning repair after a major weather event.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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