3 Ways You’re Damaging Your Own Plumbing in Sarasota, FL

You may not realize how critical it is to keep your plumbing in good working order — until there’s a problem. It’s normal to have plumbing problems now and then, but you could be the source of the issue, knowingly or unknowingly. Continue reading to learn how you could be damaging your plumbing in Sarasota, FL:

Ignoring Plumbing Maintenance

You may occasionally have a minor leak that you’ve been ignoring for a long time. The longer you ignore it, the more likely it’ll become a significant problem that’s costlier to repair. This fact underscores the importance of contacting a plumbing maintenance professional as soon as possible to resolve the issue before it causes further damage.

Not only will a maintenance job fix leaks, but it will also inspect and repair leaks and clogs. Furthermore, the sooner our plumbers can provide you with maintenance service, the more money you’ll save on water bills.

Letting Your Hair Go Down the Drain

Letting hair clog your drain is common way to damage it. You may shave or brush your hair at home and flush it down the drain without realizing the harm you’re doing to it. If you wash hair down the drain, it can cling to the material or soap in the gutter, causing clogs or irreversible damage.

It isn’t easy to keep hair out of the drain. Consider installing a trap stand on the sink as a solution to prevent hair from falling into the sink by accident.

Poor Garbage Disposal

Allowing food remains and dirt to flow down the drain can save time cleaning the house or doing the dishes. Your plumbing will get ruined by a lousy garbage disposal, though, causing it to clog. Make sure to dispose of all garbage in the trash can to avoid problems with your plumbing.

Contact Custom Air & Plumbing for the best plumbing repair and installation services in Sarasota, FL, and the surrounding areas. Besides maintaining your pipes, we can offer tips to avoid future issues.

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