Top 4 HVAC Upgrades of 2020 to Consider in Sarasota, FL

You will find many benefits of upgrading your HVAC system in Sarasota, FL. The following upgrades won’t only help you avoid costly repairs but also reduce your environmental impact:

Energy STAR

You should always ask professionals about HVAC systems with an Energy STAR label first. These products will save you up to 15% in energy efficiency. As a result, it’ll cost you less on your energy bills every month, helping you and the environment.

Smart Technology

A growing trend among homeowners is utilizing smart technology. Utilizing a smart system will allow you to set your schedule or control the climate of your home from a remote location. This will ensure that you aren’t overworking your system whether you need air conditioning or heating.

Electrical Systems

Another trend in 2020 is in choosing a system that’s fully electric and is all built into one single appliance. This saves on the emission of greenhouse gases into the environment from fossil fuels. You can do your part to assist the environment by considering a system that’s completely electric in your home.

Appropriate Size

If you’re upgrading to a new HVAC system, it’s important to choose the correct size for your home. Choosing a larger size will only cost you and the environment more energy if you do not need it. It could also cause excess moisture that you don’t need in your home. Choosing a smaller system will result in it running all the time in an attempt to cool your house.

You’ll want to utilize professional services for the installation of your new cooling system. By doing so, you can ensure that it operates at peak efficiency and save you energy and money. Contact Custom Air & Plumbing for any HVAC services you may need, including upgrades to your current system.

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