Tips for Troubleshooting Your Heater

While it might seem like your heater waits until the coldest day of the winter to stop working, the truth of the matter is that heating system problems can happen at any time. Heating equipment is complex, although sometimes the reason behind the problem is much simpler than you might have expected. Sometimes there is a simple fix to the heating system problem and a few minutes spent troubleshooting your heater could resolve the issue without the need for a professional repair.

Before Troubleshooting

Before you start the troubleshooting process, take these important safety precautions. If the carbon monoxide detector is sounding or if there is an odor of natural gas, leave the house and schedule repairs. Before you open the furnace to look for problems, be sure to cut off the power and gas supply as a safety precaution.

Troubleshooting the Heating System

The heating system’s functions are controlled by the thermostat, which acts as the command center to turn the system on and off. Start by checking the thermostat settings. If it’s a programmable thermostat, check its schedule, as it may have been altered due to recent travel. Make sure the temperature setting is higher than the current indoor temperature so that the furnace is triggered to turn on. If it doesn’t turn on, you’ll need to proceed with the troubleshooting process.

  • See if the heating system has electrical power. If the breaker to the furnace has switched off, reset it. If it won’t stay reset, electrical repairs may be needed.
  • Check the gas supply to the furnace. If the furnace isn’t getting natural gas, check to see whether your other natural gas fired appliances are working. If they aren’t, call the gas company for service.
  • Check the furnace filter. If it’s dirty, replace it.
  • If the furnace is older, check whether the pilot light is lit. Manually relight it as needed. If it won’t stay lit, it may need maintenance or repairs.
  • Check to make sure all air registers are open.

Knowing When to Call for Repairs

If these steps don’t resolve the problem with your heating system, a repair visit is warranted. The furnace burners may need adjustments, the pilot ignition system may need cleaning or a part may need to be replaced. Prompt repairs can prevent more extensive damage from occurring and will restore comfort to your home more quickly.

Many heating system problems can be prevented with an annual tune-up service. During this maintenance visit, the heater will be cleaned and lubricated. The system will be tested for efficiency and effectiveness and any worn out parts will be replaced to prevent a future malfunction. To schedule a maintenance or repair service for your Lakewood Ranch, FL heating system, call our team at Custom Air Heating & Cooling any time.

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