Tips for Saving Money on Winter Heating Bills

Would you like to save some money on your heating bill this year? Silly question, of course you would! Well, here are some tips, ranging from quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to quickly start shaving costs, to some long-term options that’ll save you money for winters to come.

Heat Source

Heating your home costs money – a lot of money. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling systems are responsible for over half of the energy consumption of a typical home in the US.

To help curb this expense, make sure the energy used to heat your home is being used efficiently. For a furnace or water heater, this can be as simple as scheduling a tune-up or making sure your air filters aren’t clogged up, forcing the unit to work harder to do its job.

Another money saving tip is to wrap your water heater in a ready-made insulation kit. These help keep the water temperature consistent for a longer period without it having to constantly kick on.

If you’re looking for more of a long-term solution, why not consider upgrading your furnace or water heater to a more energy-efficient model?

Heat Supply Systems

Insulating the systems that supply hot air or water to your home, especially if they pass through un-insulated areas of your home, is another great way to cut costs. Heat can be lost on its way into your living spaces, forcing your furnace or water heater to work harder to maintain the cozy temperature.

Temperature and Humidity Regulation

Regulating the air temperature and humidity is equally important. In addition to providing nifty features like wireless control via your smartphone or tablet, programmable thermostats give you precise control of the levels of humidity, temperature, air flow, as well as letting you decide the times that you want your home to be at certain temperatures – handy for warming your home up before getting out of bed, for example.

Investing in a humidifier can also help. The humidity levels play a big role in energy expenditures. Not only does dry air feel colder than moist air at the same temperature level, it can also dry out the material around your window and door frames causing gaps where heat can escape.

Heat Retention

Regardless of other measure you take, it’s all for naught if the air is escaping right out of your home due to inadequate insulation, gaps in windows and doorways, through vents, or out of windows that aren’t covered or winterized.

One easy way to help cut costs is as simple as a trip to your local hardware store. Caulk for sealing cracks, weather stripping for doorways, heavy curtains and/or plastic window covering kits can all be purchased relatively inexpensively, and the steps for installation are fairly simple. A quick phone call to your local heating experts can usually clear up any question you may still have.

Additional Questions

For additional information, or to speak with a professional heating expert on ways to cut energy costs in your Lakewood Ranch, FL home this winter, feel free to contact our courteous heating experts at Custom Air Heating & Cooling. Our staff will be happy to assist.

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