3 Threats to Energy Efficiency Through the Cooling Season in Florida

You’ve endured much of the Sarasota, Florida, summer, but the heat is far from gone. Late-summer heat brings threats that strain your air conditioner, increasing utility costs and reducing comfort. Here are three threats that may be reducing your energy efficiency this cooling season:

Lack of AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance reduces strain on your system. Therefore, nothing will threaten your energy efficiency like neglecting to schedule it. Regular maintenance can catch air conditioner problems before they become more costly to repair.

Putting off maintenance will exacerbate issues that you may not be aware of. As a result, they’ll put more strain on the system, further reducing energy efficiency and increasing utility costs. Schedule professional AC maintenance at least twice a year to maintain high energy efficiency.

Air Leaks

You want your home to feel like a cool sanctuary into which you can escape Sarasota’s summer heat. Unfortunately, air leaks around your home can allow conditioned air to escape and hot air to enter your living space.

That heat transfer strains your AC system as it attempts to maintain comfort despite the leak. Air can escape through under-insulated rooms, gaps around windows and doors and leaking ductwork. Seal these leaks to keep air where it belongs and maintain energy efficiency.

Inefficient Cooling

Technical problems aren’t the only threats to your energy efficiency during the summer; your cooling habits can also threaten your energy efficiency when you force your system to work too hard to maintain your preferred level of comfort. If you keep your thermostat setting far from the temperature outside, your system will be far less energy efficient. As a result, it’ll increase your utility costs and reduce your unit’s lifespan.

You may prefer keeping your home around 68 degrees on a hot day. But keeping your thermostat between 75 and 78 degrees will reduce strain and improve energy efficiency. For every degree above 78 degrees, you can save as much as 2 percent on your cooling costs.

Summer can introduce unique threats to your AC system’s energy efficiency. Targeting them can help improve comfort, reduce utility bills and maximize your unit’s lifespan. To improve your energy efficiency with professional AC maintenance, call Custom Air & Plumbing at (866) 819-0992.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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