Things That Impact Plumbing Systems in Sarasota, FL

Plumbing problems can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. But did you know that many home plumbing disasters are avoidable? Let’s talk about how you’re impacting your plumbing system in Sarasota, FL.

Grease, Food Scraps and Coffee Grounds

Many of us grew up in homes where it was common to scrape uneaten food straight into your garbage disposal. Used cooking oil, grease and even coffee grounds also went into the kitchen sink. With a flip of a switch, it would all go down the drain and out of sight.

And then your parents would call the plumber every year to figure out why the kitchen sink keeps clogging. You might have some of the highest quality plumbing fixtures, appliances and accessories installed in your home, but if you’re putting too much stuff down your drains, it’ll eventually clog somewhere in your drainpipe.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Store-bought chemical drain cleaners can be useful when your kitchen sink or bathtub drain clogs. When used sparingly, it’s probably not a big deal. But with excessive use, those harsh chemicals can damage your plumbing and create some very expensive headaches.

Those popular liquid drain cleaners can also be dangerous. Most people who use them don’t wear protective goggles or heavy-duty gloves to protect their faces and skin. One splash of that stuff can cause serious and permanent injury.

Slow Drains and Sewer Odors

Deferred maintenance is the most popular home improvement strategy known to humankind. It’s too bad that it only makes things worse. When you have a slow-draining sink, or you can smell raw sewage inside your home or outside in your yard, you need to contact us right away to prevent a major plumbing crisis.

Do any of these three bad plumbing habits sound familiar? If so, start changing those behaviors today. Whenever you need plumbing repairs, contact Custom Air & Plumbing. We’ll find the problem and fix it before things get even worse.

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