3 Sunroom Cooling Options in Nokomis, FL

Keeping sunrooms cool during the summer is a common struggle. While sunrooms offer many unique aesthetic benefits, their poor insulation often means they leak air. Here are a few options for cooling your sunroom in Nokomis, FL:

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless mini-split systems are one of the most flexible heating and cooling systems available. The two major components of a mini-split include an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. You can easily adjust the system’s cooling output or fan speed with a versatile remote. By doing so, you can only cool the sunroom when you’re using it, saving energy and money on your energy bills.

Adding HVAC Ductwork and Vents

If you’re interested in the more traditional home cooling approach, you can expand your HVAC ductwork into your sunroom. This can involve an extensive installation process depending on how far your service technician has to extend your ducts. However, adding new vents means your sunroom will feel just as comfortable as the rest of your home.

Window Air Conditioner

The least efficient sunroom cooling option is a window air conditioner. Since window air conditioners don’t connect to your central AC system, you would have to turn them on and off manually. This means the window unit will take some time to fully cool the room. Additionally, using another home cooling system comes with more maintenance needs and higher utility costs. Window air conditioners are also noisy and don’t offer energy-efficient cooling in a sunroom like a ductless mini-split, making the latter a better option.

Finding the right sunroom cooling option for your family will ensure year-round comfort and low energy costs. We recommend installing a ductless AC system to cool your sunroom effectively and efficiently. Call Custom Air & Plumbing for reliable AC installation services in Nokomis, FL.

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