Summer Vacation AC Maintenance Tips

Summertime can get very hot in the Venice, FL area, and you’ll be relying on your air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable at home. Although air conditioners need repairs from time to time, with summer vacation AC maintenance tips, you can take effective steps to keep your unit running smoothly all summer long.

AC Maintenance Tips for the Summer

  • Annual Tune-Up: Before the warmer days roll in and you crank up your air conditioner, the most importance tip is to schedule an annual tune-up. During a tune-up, a certified technician will perform the necessary tasks to keep your unit running in good condition. Service tasks typically include checking for and repairing leaks, recharging the refrigerant levels and making adjustments for any mechanical problems. With a tune-up, your air conditioner will be operating at its peak efficiency.
  • Change Filter Every Month: Even though the rule of thumb is to change air filters every three months, we recommend changing your air filter once a month when the unit is in constant use. A dirty air filter causes your air conditioner to work harder in addition to allowing particles to bypass the filter and settle on the unit’s components.
  • Maintain a Clear Area Around the Condenser: Shrubbery and plants can restrict the airflow needed in order for your air conditioner to operate correctly. If you have plants and shrubbery, make sure they’re at least three feet from the unit. In addition, check the condenser weekly for debris and remove promptly.
  • Set a Reasonable Temperature: If you set the thermostat too low, the unit will have to work harder. Ease the load by setting a temperature at the highest level that you are comfortable with. You can also use a smart thermostat that will automatically increase the temperature when you’re sleeping or away from the home. Along with saving money, you’ll be lessening the unit’s wear and tear.
  • Call a Professional if There’s a Problem: If you suspect that your air conditioner has a problem, call for service immediately. Putting it off may cause significant damage to the unit’s compressor.

Service for Your Air Conditioner

Whether you need an AC repair or tune-up, you can turn to the experts at Custom Air Heating and Cooling. All of our service technicians are NATE certified. Just give us a call at Custom Air Heating and Cooling, and we will quickly dispatch a technician. In just a short time, we’ll have your unit up and running, so you can enjoy a cool comfortable home.


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