3 Steps to Prepare Your Heater for the Cooler Winter Weather

Homeowners in Bradenton, FL, depend on their air conditioner to deliver comfortable indoor temperatures throughout most of the year. But even in Florida, there are times during the winter when you need to turn on your heating system. When that times, you want to make sure that it’s ready to operate at peak efficiency. Here are three easy steps to prepare your heater for the cooler winter weather and how they help save you money.

Change the Heater’s Filter

The filter in your heating system does more than trap contaminants circulating in your home. It also helps your heater operate more efficiently by making sure there’s adequate airflow throughout the system. If you neglect to change the filter, it’ll clog and cause your heating system to work harder, which increases the risk of breakdowns and raises your energy bills. Change your filter every month to promote efficient operation and protect your indoor air quality.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Are you still using a manual thermostat to control your home’s cooling and heating systems? If so, you’re likely wasting energy and money because you’re optimizing your indoor comfort environment at the highest rate of efficiency. Smart thermostats can learn your daily habits and adjust automatically according to them. For example, they can turn on the heating system when you’re usually home and turn it off when you’re normally away. You can control a smart thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone and receive energy reports to maximize efficiency.

Schedule Heater Maintenance

Scheduling professional heater maintenance is essential if you want your system to operate at peak efficiency. One of our HVAC professionals can clean and inspect your heating unit for loose or worn parts. We can find minor issues before they develop into major problems that require extensive and expensive repairs and replacements.

Just because you live in Florida doesn’t give you an excuse to neglect your heating system. Contact Custom Air & Plumbing today for heating maintenance, repair and installation services. We look forward to helping you.

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