4 Signs You Need a New Shower Diverter Valve in Nokomis, FL

A shower diverter valve is a device that controls the flow of water between two outlets. It directs water flow from one fixture to another, such as a bathtub and showerhead in your Nokomis, FL, home. A shower diverter valve is usually mounted on the wall behind the faucet and connected to fixtures.

Low Water Pressure

Your shower diverter controls and regulates the water supply to your shower and tub. Over time, debris and dirt accumulate in the valve and clog it, causing low pressure. If the water pressure from your shower is lower than usual, you should replace the valve.

Noises From the Diverter Valve

Strange noises coming from your diverter when you’re taking a shower signify problems that need immediate attention. These sounds indicate complications inside the tank or its wear and tear over time due to long-term use. Get back your daily showers by replacing the broken diverter valve with a new one.

Inconsistent Water Temperature

Lack of consistent water temperature when you shower is a sign of a damaged diverter. Shower diverters wear out over the years due to the buildup of calcium deposits or corroded parts. These deposits alter water pressure and flow throughout the system.

Heavy Staining

Hard water and mineral deposits build up a layer of residue that prevents your shower from working and fades the original look. Getting a new diverter is a great way to ensure your shower functions as it should while regaining the stylish finish of a brand-new part.

If you experience any of the above signs in your home in Nokomis, FL, let Custom Air & Plumbing assist you with finding a solution. We’re plumbing experts ready to bring back your positive bathing experience. Contact us to repair or replace the shower diverter in your Nokomis, FL, home.

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