4 Signs Your Heat Pump Is Low on Refrigerant in Sarasota, FL

Refrigerant is a fluid in your heat pump that facilitates the heat transfer process. Therefore, when the fluid levels drop, your heat pump may no longer transfer heat efficiently. Here are the signs that show your heat pump in Sarasota, FL, is low on refrigerant:

High Energy Bills

Low refrigerant levels mean the system will need a longer period than usual to transfer heat from outside. This makes it consume more energy.

However, a lot of heat pump issues can cause your system to consume more energy. If you notice a spike in your energy bill, consider inviting a service technician to accurately identify and repair the problematic components.

Unusual Sounds

Heat pumps operate without causing disturbing noises. If you notice sounds you have never heard before, there’s an anomaly you need to address. If your refrigerant is leaking, you’ll hear gurgling and hissing noises.

The compressor increases the refrigerant’s temperature and pressure during the heat transfer process. If there are openings in the refrigerant lines, there will be hissing noises as the high-pressure refrigerant tries to escape. These openings also allow air to enter the refrigerant lines, causing gurgling noises.

Frozen Coils

During winter, the outdoor coil absorbs heat from the outside. The refrigerant then relays this heat to the indoor coil, and the heat makes its way into your home.

The outdoor coil may not be able to absorb sufficient heat if the refrigerant levels are low. As a result, the coil freezes since its temperatures remain low.

Liquid Leaks

Your heat pump directs the moisture it absorbs from air to the drain pain. The drain pan then disposes of this moisture to the environment. Therefore, if you notice a pool of liquid around your heat pump, it’s highly likely your refrigerant is leaking.

Refrigerant leaks may harm you and the environment. Refrain from attempting to fix the leakages by yourself. Instead, contact us at Custom Air & Plumbing for professional heat pump services.

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