How to Replace the Batteries in Your Sarasota Home’s Thermostat

how to replace thermostat batteriesBy living in Sarasota, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico, you have the opportunity to experience a vacation-like atmosphere year-round. Because of Florida’s warm climate and high humidity, it’s important you keep your HVAC system running efficiently for maximum comfort in your home. A key feature to this efficiency is a thermostat that controls the temperature.

The Types of Thermostats

Thermostats come in several types: manual, switch controlled, and programmable. They can take the guesswork out of keeping temperatures regulated in your home, keeping it comfortable at all times of the day and night.

Practical Advice

Digital thermostats can either be hardwired into your home or powered by AA, AAA, or 3-volt lithium batteries. Oftentimes, the first time you discover your thermostat needs batteries is when it stops functioning and the screen is blank. Many times people think something major has gone wrong with their HVAC system, so they call for service. The technician will show them that it’s simply time to change the batteries. Save yourself the expense of a service call and check if you need fresh batteries. Change your batteries once a year before the low battery signal comes on.

How to Replace Batteries in a Thermostat

  1. Carefully remove the housing from your thermostat. You may have to slide it up and then pull it off.
  2. Look for the slots to remove the batteries. Using a flat head screwdriver, apply pressure to pry the batteries out while lifting them up.
  3. Check the markings for the positive and negative ends, and insert the fresh new batteries into their slots.
  4. Place the housing back over the thermostat’s wall plate while lining it up. Then slide and snap it down.

Contact us at Custom Air & Plumbing for tips and advice about digital thermostat installation or questions about your equipment. Our expert technicians have been serving Sarasota and surrounding communities since 1987. We can provide all of your HVAC system needs and now offer you our expert plumbing services, too.

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