Is a Zoning System Right for Your Venice Home?

A zoning system for your home’s HVAC system may be the most convenient and efficient way to assure comfortable temperatures throughout while also saving energy. Most homes use just one thermostat to control comfort levels, regardless of different thermal factors. Zoning systems solve the problems associated with solar orientation, room usage and personal preferences.

Who Benefits From Zoning?

Zoning works well for homes that have any characteristics that makes temperature control an issue. These features include:

  • Homes with multiple levels
  • Sprawling floor plans
  • Areas with raised ceiling plates
  • Expansive windows
  • A room or area that’s seldom used
  • Residents who have different thermal preferences or needs

Zoning is the only way to effectively solve the temperature differentials that each of these conditions create. They work especially well in two-story homes since heat rises and high ceilings or large windows facing south or west increase heat gain. A home with just one thermostat can’t compensate for these home attributes.

How a Zoning System Works

A zoned home uses motorized ductwork dampers that open and close based on zones’ individual thermostat settings. Each thermostat connects to a central control panel that triggers the HVAC system. The damper for that zone opens, and it receives conditioned air. Because an HVAC system outfitted with zoning doesn’t have to condition the entire home at once, it uses less energy. Since the system isn’t working as hard, it’s also protected from excessive wear and tear.

The ideal time to install zoning systems is during a new HVAC installation, although it’s entirely possible to install one in an existing system. Opting for programmable thermostats for each zone adds a layer of convenience, since you don’t need to manually adjust the temperatures daily.

Learn more about zoning system options from Custom Air & Plumbing by calling (866) 819-0992.

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