Why it is So Important to have a Clean Air Filter?

Having a clean air filter for your HVAC system is very important for a variety of reasons, including comfort, energy efficiency, protection of internal components and longevity of the unit. For the best performance of your HVAC system, the air filter should be inspected and changed once a month during periods of heavy use. Changing the air filter is definitely a do-it-yourself task that homeowners can perform. The air filters are usually wall-mounted or built into the unit. Just use your owner’s manual and follow the simple directions. Basically, it’s just a matter of sliding the dirty one out and a new one in.

Problems Associated with a Dirty Air Filter

Clogged and dirty air filters put extra stress on the unit and cause it to work harder. When systems have to work harder to cool or heat, they use more energy and drive up utility costs. With less airflow due to a dirty filter, it’s not uncommon for the evaporator coils to get a buildup of ice and overheat. This can lead to HVAC failure or even a fire. When the air filters aren’t changed or cleaned on a regular basis, the heat-exchange rate will begin to decline over time. It’s not uncommon for the condenser or evaporator to break down. Without a doubt, dirty air filters can result in some hefty repair bills for an HVAC system.

Dirty air filters also result in lower indoor air quality. Even if you have a high efficiency filter, there will be more dust and debris in the home’s air, which can lead to allergies and other respiratory problems. Having a clean air filter is essential for good indoor air quality.

Choosing an Air Filter for Your HVAC System

Most residential air filters range from minimum efficiency rating value (MERV) of 4 to 12. The MERV 7 and 8 filters are moderately priced and capture 80 percent of the smaller micron particles. The higher efficiency filters can capture up to 99 percent of the tiniest airborne particles, including pollen, bacteria and fumes. If you have a family member with allergies or immunity problems, the MERV 11 air filters are a good choice. Often, manufacturers will recommend what filter is best for the HVAC system to protect the blower unit and to achieve energy efficiency.

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