The Importance of Proper Home Humidity in Englewood, FL

Englewood, FL, is no stranger to humidity. With the average humidity above 60% for most of the year, you may have trouble combating the humidity levels within your home. Below we’ll discuss how to measure home humidity, how to restore it to proper levels and what issues can occur with high humidity.

What’s Humidity?

Firstly, humidity measures the amount of moisture that’s in the air. At high levels, it’ll create condensation. Relative humidity measures moisture and temperature. The relative humidity within the home is best between 30% and 50%.

How to Measure Home Humidity

If you lack a smart or programmable thermostat, purchase a hygrometer. Also, you can find a hygrometer app on your cellphone. Hygrometer apps use your location and connect with a local weather station server to find your local humidity.

Low Humidity Issues

If the relative humidity within your home is too low, it causes dry skin and nosebleeds. It also makes you more susceptible to colds or other illness. Low humidity also brings static electricity and damages wooden furniture and peels wallpaper.

High Humidity Issues

Relative humidity levels past 60% cause biological growth and condensation to accumulate. As a result, it weakens your home’s structural integrity. High humidity also increases the likelihood of heart problems, heatstroke or an asthma attack.

How to Restore Proper Humidity Levels

Finally, your air conditioner and ventilation system can help your home’s high humidity levels to a degree. But they only help so much. A whole-home dehumidifier for your Englewood, FL, home is highly beneficial. It works to prevent biological growth and keep your indoor air quality at its best. As a result, it’ll help you to breathe easier.

Don’t let high humidity levels affect your health this spring and summer. Contact Custom Air & Plumbing today to learn more about our indoor air quality products, including our dehumidifiers and air filters.

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