The Impact Pets Can Have on Your IAQ in Parrish, FL

Homeowners in Parrish, FL, sure love their pets. But did you know that your animals can really put a damper on your indoor air quality (IAQ)? For example, pets that play outside can bring in lots of allergens. Our list below contains the three most common effects that pets can have on your home’s IAQ.

Bringing Allergens Into Your Home

When you’re out taking your pet for a walk, you probably aren’t thinking about everything that can cling to their fur or get stuck to their paws. Dogs and cats can easily drag some nasty allergens in with them after they’re done playing outside. If you don’t bathe or otherwise clean your pets after they’ve been out of your home, they can spread these allergens indoors.

Shedding Dander

More than 10% of pet owners in America have some kind of allergy to animal dander. If you don’t have an effective air filtration system, the dander your pets shed can circulate into every room in your home. Therefore, it’s vital to invest in a whole-home air purifier. Also, you should change your HVAC system’s filter every month to minimize dander.

Spreading Dust Mites and Other Critters

Cats, dogs, rabbits and even hamsters can all carry dust mites and ticks. Even if you have a pet that never comes out of its cage, we recommend putting an air purifier in the same room. Keeping your home’s air nice and cool with minimal humidity during the summer can also stop these airborne organisms from breeding.

Are you worried about the effects that your pets might be having on your home’s indoor air quality? Contact Custom Air & Plumbing to learn more about our residential IAQ services today. We have the IAQ solutions you need to breathe cleaner, fresher and healthier air inside your home.

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