How to Make your Air Conditioner Colder

When the air from your cooling system isn’t blowing cold enough, it doesn’t matter how much you adjust your thermostat. Reaching the optimum temperature in your home is dependent on proper heat exchange, and anything that impedes this process will limit the performance of your cooling equipment. If you want to make your air conditioner colder, you have to address the equipment issues.

Poor Airflow

If the air pressure of your system is poor, you may not experience appropriate cooling in the house. Subtle changes over time may be difficult to notice, but if you don’t feel a strong and steady stream of air from your equipment, then you may be experiencing a restriction in your airstream. One of the easiest checks is your air filter. Make a replacement if your filter is excessively dirty, ideally every 30 days during the hot summer months.

Your coils and blower can also become dirty, leading to poor air delivery in your home. Cleaning can improve airflow while protecting your equipment. Coil cleaning is also extremely important in promoting proper temperature modification because of the related heat exchange.

How Does Heat Exchange Cool My Home?

Refrigerant expands in the indoor coils, causing it to get very cold. Heat transfer then takes place between the refrigerant and the circulating air. As the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, the air temperature gets colder. Dirt and grime on your coils can keep this heat exchange from occurring effectively. Fortunately, cleaning your coils in this situation can make your air conditioner colder.

Low refrigerant levels can also play a part in limiting proper heat exchange and inhibiting effective cooling. An undercharge can lead to stress on your system’s compressor, potentially shortening its life while posing the threat of expensive repair or replacement needs. Restrictions or leaks in refrigerant lines can also contribute to poor cooling.

Begin with System Optimization

While you may fancy that coil cleaning is a DIY project, it’s important to use safe cleaning materials and tools so that you don’t contaminate your airstream or damage your equipment. Additionally, there may be combined factors causing poor system performance, making it important to have your equipment checked thoroughly.

One of the most affordable ways to deal with low air pressure and poor temperature control is to schedule preventative maintenance. A thorough inspection is provided to evaluate system performance. Basic adjustments are made to ensure that your equipment operates at its best possible levels. Coil cleaning and refrigerant checks are included in the service. In many cases, this is enough to return your system to proper performance levels. It’s also a great way to improve energy efficiency and utility costs in your home.

Optimization can also lead to identification of worn parts and other issues that could create big problems if left unchecked. An air conditioner tune-up can eliminate many potential repair needs, making it a great annual investment for any homeowner. Custom Air recommends spring tune-up service for your Longboat Key, FL home, but we can provide the service at any time as the need arises. Contact our customer service team to schedule your appointment.


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