Why is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

Few things are as disappointing on a cold day, then to turn on your heating system and find that it only blows cold air. In some units, the blower turns on immediately. The result is cold air coming from the vents before the furnace begins to fully heat the air. If the air never warms up, this is an indication that something may be wrong with your heating system. While many heating system repairs require a trained professional, there are a few troubleshooting steps that you can take that might restore your heat.

Thermostat Settings

Check your thermostat. Today’s programmable thermostats have multiple settings. Ensure that the system is set to heat and verify the temperature setting. An older model thermostat may still be set to air conditioning. Wait a few minutes for the system to reset. Many units have a built in time delay. If all the settings are correct, the thermostat may need to be recalibrated or replaced.

Gas Furnace

There are several other reasons why your gas furnace may not turn on. Check your electrical panel for a tripped circuit breaker. If the electronic starter does not have power, it will not ignite the burner. The result is a heater blowing cold air. In older models, verify that the pilot light is lit. Check to make sure that your gas supply line valve is open. It may have been closed during the summer for safety reasons.

Electric Furnace

Electric heaters require power. Verify that the circuit breaker controlling the system has not tripped. If it has, reset the breaker. A breaker that continues to trip is an indication of a short circuit or other malfunction. If your heating elements are burned out, the system will blow cold air. A short circuit may cause them to overheat. A safety switch will turn the heating element off to prevent damage. A professional should repair malfunctioning circuit breakers and heating elements.

Heat Pumps

Due to their design, heat pumps blow colder air than gas and electric furnaces. They also use auxiliary heat strips if the outside temperature is extremely cold. If these strips malfunction, the heat pump will blow cold air. Just like in the summer, the system requires the proper level of refrigerant. If the level is low, the heat pump cannot transfer heat efficiently. A professional should check the heat strips and refrigerant level.

Finding Help in Longboat Key, FL

If your furnace continues to blow cold air or malfunctions in any other way, contact Custom Air. We will gladly schedule a convenient time for one of our trained technicians to come by and inspect your heating unit. We are familiar with numerous makes and models. As a result, we can quickly diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. Because we stock a variety of repair parts in our service vehicles, many repairs can be accomplished in one day. We are proud to offer residential customers a full line of repair, maintenance and installation services.

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