Heat Pump Sounds – What They Mean and When to Call for Heating Repair

If your heat pump is producing unusual sounds, you may be concerned about whether a heating repair is in order. Some sound is normal, but a change in the sounds emitted from your unit could be a problem. Before you call your heating contractor, take time to pinpoint the source of unusual heat pump sounds.

Troubleshooting Noise from Your System

There are three primary areas to consider as you target the source of new or changed noises from your equipment. These include:

  • Ductwork
  • Air handler
  • Outdoor unit

Check Your Ducts

Your ductwork is probably the least serious concern as noises are not likely to be tied to mechanical failure. This doesn’t meant that you should ignore changes in sounds from your ducts. A crushed section of ductwork, for example, could lead to sounds that indicate restricted airflow. Check throughout the house to see if airflow has changed in intensity at any of your registers.

Bumping and similar noises in your ducts could indicate that you have damage, leaks or holes. Rodents and insects can get into such areas, making it important to inspect the interior. A professional duct inspection can provide specific information about the severity of leaks, damage and dirt buildup.

Troubleshoot Your Air Handling Unit

Air handler issues could be related to airflow or equipment problems. The most common issue is a dirty filter, and replacement could alleviate sounds related to restricted air movement. Another common problem is dirt buildup on indoor coils. Seasonal cleaning can prevent this issue, making it a priority to schedule seasonal maintenance.

Whining or grinding sounds in your indoor unit could indicate problems with your blower. Broken belts or other moving parts could be at fault. A blower motor could also be a factor. Professional diagnosis and repair is important.

Outdoor Issues

The most expensive part of your system is the compressor, located in your outside unit. Whining or other unusual sounds could result from the compressor seizing up. Electronic components and relays could also cause unusual sounds. These issues require professional evaluation and repair.

The Value of Comprehensive System Maintenance

Selecting a maintenance plan makes it easy to stay ahead of system problems. In addition to regular coil cleaning, your critical components will be evaluated regularly for wear and tear. Your HVAC technician can keep you up to date on the life expectancy of your system, ensuring that you can prepare for the eventual replacement of your unit.

Normal System Noise Can Be Too Much

If your existing system interferes with your home’s environment because the equipment is old and noisy, you may want to think about updating. There are many units with minimal noise levels, excellent for improving the impact of your heat pump on things like your ability to sleep soundly.

Whether you need diagnostic or maintenance services or whether you are ready for a quieter HVAC unit, you can contact the professionals at Custom Air Heating & Cooling for assistance. Our team in Lakewood Ranch, FL, is ready to provide the support you need to ensure optimum heating and cooling performance. Call us for an appointment.

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