4 Heat Pump Features You May Want When You Upgrade

heat pump featuresIf it’s been several years since you’ve shopped for a new heat pump, you’re in for some pleasant surprises for greater comfort and efficiency. Following are four heat pump features to consider.

Compressor Technologies

Standard heat pumps use a fixed-stage compressor that operates at one speed: full capacity. Compared to the two-stage and variable-stage compressors available today, fixed-staged compressors don’t make a lot of sense.

Look for a heat pump that offers a two-stage compressor or a variable-speed scroll compressor. Two-stage compressors meet the home’s load more accurately than fixed-stage models. Even better, scroll compressors are among the quietest and most efficient compressors. They deliver refrigerant in precise 1-percent increments, when necessary, for optimal cooling and heating.

Blower Motor Speeds

Two-speed and variable-speed blower motors provide nice cooling and heating comfort and efficiency. Rather than a blast of air from the ducts when the heat pump powers on, blower motors with alternating or variable speeds condition the home smoothly and quietly.

Pool, Spa and Water Heating

Another nice advantage of using a heat pump for home cooling and heating is inexpensive water heating for your storage water heater, pool and spa. By adding a desuperheater to your new system, you can enjoy hot water for your water heating system at a fraction of the cost as electric storage water heating. Considering water heating accounts for as much as 20 percent of the total energy budget in the average home, desuperheaters offer a nice return on investment.

Backup Heating

Heat pumps lose efficiency when outside temperatures drop below 32 degrees. Electric-resistance heating is the standard backup heating system to take over in sub-freezing temperatures. You may, however, opt for a hybrid heat pump equipped with a gas furnace as the backup heating method. A hybrid system can change energy sources, which provides exceptionally efficient home heating. Ask your certified contractor which is best for your home.

To learn more about which heat pump features are best for your Sarasota, Florida, area home, please contact us at Custom Air & Plumbing today.

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