Getting Ahead of Heat Loss Can Save You Big Year Round

No one wants to spend more than necessary on home heating and cooling, and one of the simplest ways to avoid that is to make sure there’s no wasted heating power. Duct leaks, poor insulation and other sources of heat loss can cost you hundreds of dollars every year in wasted energy. There’s no better time than today to get ahead of the problem and stop your house from almost literally leaking money. Here’s how to do it.

Duct Repairs

The average furnace loses up to 30 percent of its heating power to leaks in the duct system, which is no good at all for the homeowner who pays for the fuel. Having your ducts professionally repaired and sealed will stop much of this loss and keep more money in your pocket. As a bonus, if your home has central air conditioning, fixing the ducts will help that system run more efficiently as well.

Wall and Attic Insulation

Hot air tends to rise, which means it’s most likely to try to escape your home through the attic. Unfortunately, the attic is one of the most poorly insulated portions of many homes. Putting extra insulation in your attic and crawlspaces can trap more of that heat, which keeps the entire house warmer and takes some of the strain off your heating systems. In older homes especially, this is a great way to save.

Your home’s walls, too, are a source of potential heat loss if they aren’t properly insulated. Use sprayed-foam insulation to seal up even the smallest gaps and keep your precious heat inside. Keep in mind that insulation also helps keep cold air inside during the summer months. Making sure your insulation is up to par can save you no matter what time of year it happens to be.

Doors and Windows

Heat can leak through your home’s walls, and they aren’t even meant to let things through. Doors and windows can open and shut, making them natural places for heat to escape. During the heating season, seal up your doorways with weather-stripping and caulk over any open spaces and gaps. You may see up to a 30 percent reduction in your heating costs.

When it comes to windows, the best options available to prevent heat loss are double-glazed models. These windows have two separate panels of glass, and the air trapped in between acts as a natural buffer to stop heat from leaking through. You’ll pay a little more up front to get them, but in time, these windows tend to pay for themselves.

Miscellaneous Leaks

The factors listed above account for most heat leaks, but even something as small as an electrical outlet or switch can cause a leak. Installing a few pre-sized foam gaskets will seal up those empty spaces and keep every last bit of heat inside your home.

At Custom Air, we have the tools, expertise and experience to help you maximize energy efficiency for year-round comfort. Our HVAC repair and service experts will keep your ducts and your heating and cooling systems in peak condition. Feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our HVAC experts about ways to efficiently heat and cool your Bradenton, FL, home.

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