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Recent years have seen an increased awareness of the importance of personal hydration. The bottled water industry has surged as consumers endeavor to maintain quality health while enjoying water that tastes good. However, you don’t need to waste a lot of money and materials through the overuse of packaged water. Instead, you can install a water filtration system at home to ensure that you always have access to healthy drinking water. Everpure systems and filters provide you with quality filtration that you can rely on.

How Much Water Should I Consume?

The general guideline is that an adult should drink at least eight cups of water on a daily basis. However, more precise guidelines suggest that you can divide your bodyweight in lbs. by two to determine the number of ounces per day. An individual weighing 128 lbs., for example, should consume 64 ounces of water. That’s eight 8 ounce servings daily. An Everpure system can make access to that supply much easier while also reducing the amount of plastic heading to landfills.

Is Bottled Water Healthy?

Many of the companies marketing bottled water are simply putting filtered tap water into the bottles that they sell. Chlorine is often used to treat this water because it can be expensive to use more advanced filtration solutions on especially large quantities of the fluid. The presence of chlorine in your bottled water may be a surprise, and it can pose a risk of toxic effects to some people.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

A membrane is used in reverse osmosis to cause liquid with a high concentration of solutes to move to an area of low solutes through pressurization. As the liquid moves through the membrane, solutes are prevented from following. In the case of drinking water, particulates are removed as the water moving through the filtration cartridge is treated.

In the case of Everpure filtration systems, cartridges are designed with the ability to remove very fine particles, allowing for materials like arsenic, sodium, fluoride, lead, copper and nitrates to be eliminated from your drinking water. Traditional water filters aren’t able to address these contaminants. Many consumers invest in bottled water because of the off-flavors in their tap water, not realizing that many other particulates can inhabit the purchased water.

Some reverse osmosis water filtration systems from Everpure can provide even greater protection to consumers. For example, damaging limescale issues can be reduced or eliminated with reverse osmosis technology, allowing for the protection of your home’s plumbing and fixtures. Molds and algae can also inhabit your water supply, but reverse osmosis can remove these materials. Everpure cartridges can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of particles that are 0.5 microns or larger in size.

Contact an Expert

The team at Bob Rizi Plumbing can provide you with an overview of appropriate Everpure filtration options and benefits for your Sarasota, FL home. Contact our office staff to schedule a consultation.

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