Dirty Ducts: Bad News for Indoor Air Quality

While your central heating and cooling system is great news for household comfort, it can also affect the quality of your indoor air negatively. Because air is constantly circulating throughout the home when your system functions, it can come into contact with dust, pet dander and other airborne pathogens. You’ve seen those layers of dust that build up on your lamp shades, book shelves and ceiling fans. That material can really get around, and it’s probably in your air ducts too. When you find that it’s time to dust, remember the path that your indoor airstream must take and consider scheduling a duct cleaning appointment.

Can I Clean My Own Ductwork?

While the idea seems sensible, the reality is that a vacuum cleaner isn’t an adequate tool for duct cleaning. Professional equipment is designed to be flexible and have a long reach. Your ductwork is extensive in length, running throughout your home to deliver conditioned air. Additionally, it makes unseen twists and turns to reach each designated space. Your vacuum hose is limited.

Professional equipment for the job includes specialty brushes that rotate and expand to remove dirt from the duct walls. Powerful suction pulls dirt into special containment systems so that it isn’t reintroduced to your indoor airstream. Your professional can inspect your ductwork with remote video equipment to assess the condition of the interior walls and to determine the proper approach needed for cleaning your system.

Additional Duct Issues

Besides cleaning services, a certified HVAC contractor can also inspect the condition of your system for issues like leaks or disconnected sections. While your indoor air quality is an important consideration, your ducts can also contribute to high energy bills and inefficient heating and cooling. Leaks can allow pollutants into your airstream and provide access for insects and rodents as well. A comprehensive inspection is useful for identifying and correcting these problems.

Limiting Indoor Air Pollution

Those who suffer from respiratory illnesses, asthma or allergies can appreciate the importance of breathing clean air. A good duct maintenance schedule is helpful in limiting airborne contaminants in your home, but there are additional measures that can be taken as well. You can install an air purification system to remove particulates from circulation. You can also schedule planned maintenance on your air conditioning and heating equipment. In addition to fine-tuning your equipment during these service calls, your HVAC technician will perform specific cleaning of parts that can accumulate dirt, mold and bacteria while contaminating your airstream.

Custom Air Heating & Cooling can also provide our Parrish, FL customers with indoor air assessment services. We can take air samples for lab analysis to pinpoint specific contaminants in your home. This enables us to better develop a plan for improving your indoor air quality. You can give us a call to schedule any of these services or to inquire about your unique circumstances.

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