Conserve Water by Replacing, Repairing Leaky Fixtures

Whether your leak is indoors or out, a leaky plumbing fixture can waste a great deal of water over time. For you as a homeowner, that’s the same thing as letting money run down the drain. And, that’s why plumbing repair and, when needed, fixture replacement, are so important.

Even if you rent your home, your utility costs will be higher as long as you allow these leaks to continue. Telling your landlord about them as quickly as possible can help you save money. If your utilities are included in your rent, it’s still a good idea to report the problem promptly since these losses could potentially encourage your landlord to raise your rent to recoup the high cost of utilities.

In addition to wasting water, the annoyance of dripping faucets or running toilets and the possible damage caused by water pooling underneath your sink are other good reasons not to delay plumbing repair or fixture replacement.

Finding the Culprits

The following sources of water leakage can drain water from your pipes and money from your pocket:

  • Sinks: Leaky faucets in your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room sink can waste water, ruin flooring and create unhealthy mold or mildew growth.
  • Toilets: Worn valves and flappers inside your toilet tank can cause your toilet to run more often than it should. A leaky seal underneath your toilet can also waste water while damaging flooring.
  • Bathtubs: While it may not harm your floors, a dripping bathtub faucet can waste a considerable amount of water.
  • Showers: A leaky showerhead or shower faucet will also send your hard-earned money right down the drain.
  • Water heater: Water heater leaks can be a simple annoyance or can indicate the need for water heater replacement. So, be sure to seek professional advice on how to tell the difference.
  • Outside faucets: That too-easy-to-ignore outdoor faucet can cause many gallons of water to leak into the ground, making it an important fixture to check to lower utilities and conserve water.

Dependable Plumbing Services

No matter which plumbing fixture is draining your bank account, the experts at Custom Air & Plumbing are here to help. Our highly trained plumbing technicians will promptly diagnose and competently correct the problem that’s draining your resources. If you suspect water leaks in or around your home, give Custom Air & Plumbing a call.

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