4 Common Shower Problems in Your Sarasota, FL Home

Your shower is where you start your day and hopefully unwind at the end of a long one. But what happens when your oasis starts giving you problems? Read on for our top four common shower problems in Sarasota, FL, homes.

Water Keeps Overflowing

A little bit of overflow is normal, but if water consistently pours out of your shower head or tub when the taps aren’t even turned on, there could be an issue with the pressure valve or temperature regulator in your home’s main water line. This is a serious problem that a professional should fix as soon as possible.

Water That’s Too Hot or Too Cold

Water that’s too hot or too cold is a common shower problem. Whether it’s due to a broken thermostat or a faulty heating element, repair is often necessary to fix the issue. In some cases, simply replacing the thermostat or heating element may do the trick.

Low Water Pressure

If you’re dealing with low water pressure in your shower, there are a few things that could be causing the problem. It could be as simple as a clogged showerhead. So if you notice that your water pressure has decreased recently, the first thing you should do is to call a professional to remove your showerhead and clear out any debris that may have built up inside.

Peeling Paint

If the paint in your shower is peeling or chipping, it’s probably due to moisture buildup caused by steamy showers. To prevent this from happening, make sure there’s adequate ventilation in your bathroom so that moisture can escape after each shower. You should also choose a paint that’s specifically designed for bathrooms and kitchens — areas where there’s typically more moisture in the air.

When you need plumbing maintenance in Sarasota, FL, contact Custom Air & Plumbing. We’re the plumbing professionals you can trust to ensure you don’t deal with shower problems for long.

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