4 Common Heat Pump Noises in Bradenton, FL

Loud heat pump noises occur when your system has a problem. Therefore, it’s vital to seek repair services immediately to prevent the issue from worsening. Here are some unusual heat pump noises in Bradenton, FL:

Banging Noises

A heat pump usually produces this noise when a loose component hits others, such as the fan’s blades. Foreign objects may also enter your heat pump and come in contact with the fan blades as they rotate, causing banging noises.

Ignoring this noise will cause the loose part to damage other heat pump components. The longer you postpone the repair, the more damage the component will cause.

Grinding Noises

Your heat pump contains multiple moving parts that contribute to the overall objective of regulating your indoor temperatures. These moving parts require frequent lubrication to keep working together smoothly.

Usually, a service technician lubricates them during a maintenance procedure. If you skip maintenance, the parts will cause a grinding noise as they move because they don’t have enough lubrication. Always plan to schedule maintenance services once before the onset of the cooling season and once before the onset of the heating season.

Hissing Noises

A heat pump comes equipped with a fluid called a refrigerant. The refrigerant flows from one area to another, transporting heat. If there are perforations on the lines in which the fluid flows, you may hear hissing and gurgling noises.

Hissing noises occur when the high-pressure refrigerant tries to escape through the openings. On the other hand, gurgling noises come about when air enters the refrigerant lines and mixes with the refrigerant.

Clicking Noises

Typically, your heat pump will make a clicking noise when you turn it on, and then the noise goes away. However, if the noise persists, you may have capacitor issues.

Reach out to Custom Air & Plumbing if you need immediate heating services in Bradenton, FL. Our service technicians will respond immediately and fix all your heat pump problems.

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