4 Causes of a Musty Smelling AC System in Lakewood Ranch, FL

A musty smell coming from your air conditioner indicates an underlying issue you should address. Since the insides of air conditioners are dark and humid, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria growth, explaining the musty smell. Here are some common reasons the air conditioner in your Lakewood Ranch, FL, home has a musty smell:

Full Drain Pan

Water droplets fall in the drain pan as the air conditioner removes humid air from the house. Drain pans undergo wear and tear, making them ineffective. As a result, they accumulate biological growth that causes a musty smell. Your HVAC professional will replace the drain pan to eliminate the smell.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil cools the air, and if dirt accumulates there, it encourages bacteria growth, causing a musty smell. Iced-up evaporator coil and weak airflow from the supply vents are common signs of a dirty evaporator coil. The best solution is to hire an air conditioning expert for professional cleaning to eliminate the dirt accumulation in the evaporator coils.

Improper AC Size

When you install an air conditioner that’s too large for your space, it pulls in cool air too quickly, preventing it from proper dehumidification. Also, a too-small AC system doesn’t effectively cool and dehumidify your home, causing a musty smell. It’s advisable to consult an HVAC expert to help determine the correct AC size before installation to avoid a musty odor.

Leaking Air Ducts

Your air conditioner leaks when the air ducts have holes, encouraging biological growth because the environment is humid. Your AC professional will inspect the system for leaks and fix them to prevent further damage and eliminate the musty odor.

If your AC system emits a musty smell, contact the experts for an inspection and prompt repairs. Regular maintenance can help discover and repair issues early enough and improve the air conditioner’s performance. Call Custom Air & Plumbing today for HVAC maintenance, and let us make your home comfortable.

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