Call a Professional When Your Water Heater Makes Funny Noises

You probably use a lot of hot water in your Nokomis, Florida, home. If your water heater starts making funny noises, you likely need to repair or replace it. Screeching, popping, crackling and hissing sounds all indicate something’s wrong with your water heater. Read on to learn what these sounds might mean.


If your water heater sounds like it’s popping popcorn, there’s probably sediment in the bottom of the tank. Having sediment in the tank can create a domino effect of problems. The gunk can begin to clog up the tubing in the tank as well as infiltrate appliances that use hot water. Call a professional plumber to flush the system before you need a replacement.


If you start to hear a strange hissing sound after using hot water, condensation has likely formed from a fracture or leak in the tank. As water from the leak escapes, it rolls down the tank and hits the heating surfaces to cause the hissing sound. A professional can repair this issue.


If you hear screeching, this may indicate a water flow restriction. This can be caused by sediment or mineral deposit build up, or the valve may simply not be open enough. Again, schedule a professional inspection to make sure there aren’t any serious problems.


If you have a gas water heater and hear cracking sounds, it means that there are sediment deposits inside the tank. Water is bubbling and crackling around those deposits, causing the noise. This might not seem like a serious right away. But over time, the water heater will deteriorate and you’ll need to replace it. Have the tank flushed out to avoid a premature replacement.

Don’t let these funny noises worry you. Contact Custom Air & Plumbing at (866) 819-0992 to have your water heater serviced or replaced. Our professional plumbers can also ensure your plumbing system is in good working order.

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