4 Benefits of an Air Purification System in Siesta Key, FL

An air purification system helps clean the air that passes through the HVAC unit. The purification system removes any harmful radioactive elements such as radon, eliminates disease-causing germs and improves the quality of the air you breathe. Here are some of the benefits of an air purification system for the residents of Siesta Key, FL:

Trap Allergens

Airborne allergens cause mild to severe reactions for family members who suffer from allergies. The air purification system helps trap fur and dander released by pets within the house. This action helps reduce expenses on medication while improving the indoor air quality of your home.

Longer HVAC Filter Life

The HVAC filters aid in the trapping of dust from the surrounding atmosphere. Dust buildup reduces the lifespan of the filters, forcing you to change them regularly. Investing in an air purification system helps capture contaminants, which reduces the burden on the HVAC filters during operation.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

The lingering smell of food after cooking causes unpleasant odors to build up in the home. If you have a fireplace within the home or a family member smokes, the upholstery captures the smell. The air purification system traps this smoke before it ends up in the upholstery, eliminating it and removing the odors.

Reduction of Carbon Dioxide and Other Harmful Gases

Last but not least, increased carbon dioxide levels can be harmful to the body, causing such effects as drowsiness, increased blood pressure and nausea. Air purifiers with active carbon help reduce carbon dioxide levels in your home by trapping them, therefore improving air quality. The air purifiers also help in the reduction of carbon monoxide, ammonia and nitrogen.

Investing in an air purification system comes with the benefits of slowing any dust buildup in your home, cleaner air and removal of airborne bacteria. If you need excellent indoor air quality solutions or AC installations and repairs, contact Custom Air & Plumbing.

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