Allergy Sufferers: Consider Installing an Air Purification System

As Sarasota FL pollen counts begin to climb, you may be thinking that staying inside will provide relief. However, some residents feel like they suffer just as much when they restrict their outdoor activities. You may be surprised to discover that your indoor air can be many times more polluted than that outside your home. You might want to think about installing an air purification system to provide some relief from allergies.

Why Is Indoor Air More Polluted?

Energy efficiency is closely linked with a sealed and insulated environment. Keeping the drafts out and hot or cold air in means that there isn’t much influx of fresh air into the home. When pollutants get into your house, they stay there. They can build up over time, amplifying the impact on those who are especially sensitive. Today’s construction materials include many products that are used specifically for achieving optimum efficiency. Modern HVAC equipment can help counter the negative effects on your indoor air quality.

How Will an Air Purification System Help My Allergies?

You air filter can remove some of the dust and particles from the airstream in your home. However, the benefits can be limited. You might obtain some relief by selecting a filter with a high MERV rating, but if you exceed a MERV rating of 12, you will create pressure issues in most residential HVAC systems. For more pronounced filtration, you can explore air purification systems.

Air cleaners provide higher efficiencies than residential air filters. They can remove finer dust and particulates more extensively. They also trap mold spores, bacteria, pollens and many volatile compounds found in the home environment. Capture and kill technology is excellent for destroying those materials that pose serious health risks. Those who suffer from allergies can benefit because of more efficient removal of allergens from circulation.

Evaluating Your Indoor Air Quality

If your symptoms seem to be present beyond allergy season, then you may be sensitive to other materials circulating in your home. While an air cleaner will address many of these issues, we also find that our customers appreciate having specific information about the irritants in their home environments. Custom Air Heating & Cooling can provide an indoor air quality evaluation to determine specific pollutants. We take air samples and have them analyzed to provide this information. This can help in the selection of the right equipment and in determining additional steps for improving indoor conditions.

Dealing with Mold Issues

Mold can be a year-round frustration for Florida residents. It can cause household damage while also affecting the health of individuals. Air purifiers can remove spores from the airstream, but it’s also important to think about controlling indoor moisture to limit mold growth. Some steps to consider include:

  • Seasonal HVAC maintenance – coils are cleaned to remove mold and bacteria
  • Duct service – addresses mold, dust and leaks affecting your airstream
  • UV lamp installation – kills mold and bacteria on your coils
  • Dehumidifier installation – provides moisture control in the home

Call us to discuss your air quality concerns or to schedule an evaluation.



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