4 Tips for Quieting Your AC

Having an AC unit is essential when you live in Sarasota, Florida. However, when it is rattling, wheezing, or making other sounds, it can quickly become irritating. If your air conditioner is making more noise than should be expected, there are several possible causes. Barring the need for a complete replacement, there are several tips for quieting your AC that will restore peaceful and reliable operational efficiency.

Shade Your Outdoor Unit

When your outdoor unit is in full sun and exposed to the elements, debris and heat are constant threats. It wears out faster when it is in full sunlight than it does in the shade, which means the parts wear easily and are more likely to start rattling around. The fan’s blades may also make noise when they become dirty. Make sure the outdoor unit is in at least partial shade.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

Branches and other landscaping debris can fall into the unit and cause a lot of noise. Be careful during landscaping projects and landscaping maintenance. Do not plant any trees or shrubs within two feet around the unit, and make sure no landscaping is within five feet of the top of the unit.

Get Maintenance

As your AC unit ages, it is normal for parts to come loose or start to wear out, causing it to make more noise. When we perform maintenance on your AC, we’ll check every component of your AC, tighten loose parts, and let you know if any parts should be replaced.

Check Your Power

When your AC short cycles continuously, you might have a power connection issue. Sometimes the problem is a damaged power cord. Other times, the issue is within the AC itself, which requires professional maintenance. Never fix electrical problems yourself.

Don’t suffer through any of Sarasota’s heat with a noisy air conditioner. Custom Air & Plumbing is committed to offering you the maintenance and repair solutions that will keep you cool through Florida’s long, hot summer. Call us at (866) 819-0992 about a noisy AC or any other HVAC problems. Any one of our experienced technicians will be happy to help you.

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