4 Common Summertime Heat Pump Problems in Siesta Key, FL

Your heat pump will be an indispensable tool for dealing with the scorching summer in Siesta Key, FL. For that very reason, any heat pump malfunctions occurring can border on catastrophic. Knowledge is the first line of defense when dealing with heat pump problems. Here’s some important information about four problems you may experience with your heat pump during the summer:

No Cool Air

Above all, you’ll need your heat pump to crank out copious amounts of cool air during the summer. If it fails to do so, you’ll have a pressing issue on your hands. There are a few possible explanations for this unfortunate behavior.

First, your system might have leaked out refrigerant and lost some of its ability to perform heat transfer. Another possibility is that its coils or filters might be dirty. Although you can change the filters, resolving these other issues will require professional intervention.

The reversing valve is the essential component that enables heat pumps to switch between heating and cooling modes, but a malfunction may leave it stuck in heating mode and unable to expel hot air. Lastly, your thermostat might not be able to deliver the proper commands to your heat pump.

Lack of Power

A heat pump that won’t blow cold air causes as serious a problem as a heat pump that won’t turn on. These two issues share many of the same underlying causes.

For instance, dirty air filters may hinder airflow, which may cause hot air to get stuck in the system and trigger overheating. Then, in response, the system may react by shutting down. To avoid this and other problems, remember to change your heat pump’s air filters at least once every three months.

Underlying electrical issues that prevent power from reaching your heat pump often have a role in this mishap. A faulty thermostat that won’t signal for your system to turn on is also commonly at fault. HVAC technicians will need to come in to take care of such things for you.

Constant Operation

The opposite issue to the one we’ve just discussed — a heat pump that won’t turn off or stop working — also presents serious difficulties. Once again, a malfunctioning thermostat may be the ultimate culprit here. If your HVAC control system goes haywire, your heat pump may continue working even when you don’t need it.

Dirty filters and coils, which can stymie airflow and overall operations, might cause this issue. A heat pump that can’t push out air is a system that can’t cool your home, and your thermostat may react by forcing it to keep working. Even worse, your heat pump may have a broken compressor.

Constant operation is also one of the most common effects of a refrigerant leak. Without enough refrigerant, your heat pump will lose some of its ability to transfer heat, which may force it to work 24/7 to keep your home cool. Since refrigerant is toxic, ask for maintenance services and let our professionals replace it.

Weird Sounds or Smells

Trust your ears and nose to alert you to serious problems with your heat pump. Heat pumps shouldn’t produce more than a slight hum when they work. And they shouldn’t generate any particular smells.

Each noise and smell has a meaning. For example, refrigerant smells sweet and chloroform-like, while burning odors indicate electrical issues. Your heat pump will make hissing sounds if it leaks refrigerant, and if it generates a rhythmic banging noise, it may mean that it has a loose fan blade.

Regardless of how things might look, the truth is that you don’t need to sweat over any heat pump problems. When you have the right team of professionals on your side, heat pump issues are easy to resolve. Call our team at Custom Air & Plumbing to get the best HVAC services in Siesta Key, FL, and stay cool this summer.

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