7 Common Plumbing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Like your air conditioner, your plumbing plays a major part in keeping you comfortable in Sarasota, Florida. You probably don’t think about the plumbing system in your home until something goes wrong. Here are seven common plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them:

Keeping the Water On During an Emergency

If a pipe bursts, a toilet overflows or some other plumbing emergency emerges, turn off the water. Your primary water sources, like the sink or toilet, will have a shut-off valve. As soon as you notice the problem, turn the valve until it stops the water from flowing.

Next, call a plumber. Many people don’t instinctively try to stop the water first. Instead, they try to clean the mess while more water pours out. Turn off the water, take a deep breath and call your plumber before commencing cleaning.

Overusing Drain Cleaners

When people have a clog, they often turn to drain cleaners in hopes of clearing it. Drain cleaners work in particular situations, but using them too much can corrode your pipes.

Chemical drain cleaners work by breaking down or eating away at whatever is clogging your drain. When you use them too often, they start to eat away at your pipes too.

Consider snaking out your shower drain instead of using a drain cleaner. Call in a plumber instead of dumping in Drano every time you notice a clog. If you have to use drain cleaners that often, you probably have a more significant issue.

Fixing Plumbing Issues on Your Own

Even if you’re handy, you should always leave a plumbing issue to an expert. Plumbing may look easy enough, but some aspects get really complicated. You can easily turn a small problem into a big one, turning the issue to a long and expensive fix. Unless you’re trained in what you’re doing, call in an expert to handle your plumbing concerns.

Ignoring a Plumbing Issue

People love to ignore problems hoping they go away. A running toilet can turn into a major water bill, or a clanking sound can turn into a big flood in your basement.

Unfortunately, plumbing issues won’t resolve on their own. The longer you ignore the issue, the more it’ll worsen. If you have concerns, get an estimate on the repair and find out the nature of the issue so that you can make an informed decision.

Using a Handyman Instead of a Licensed Plumber

Anyone who touches your pipes, sinks, toilets, showers or water heaters needs to be licensed for several reasons. Although the neighborhood handyman is probably good at small fixes, you have no course of action if he performs a poor job.

Furthermore, many warranties are voided if you don’t use a licensed plumber. Although it’s nice to save a little money and give your neighbor work, you shouldn’t do it with your plumbing.

Turning Off Your Heater in the Winter

When you go on vacation during the winter, it’s tempting to shut off the heat to save money on utilities while you’re gone. In theory, that’s a great way to save money. But in reality, it can cause severe issues.

By turning off your heat, you put yourself in a position where your pipes can freeze and burst. Although freezing temperatures aren’t ordinary in Florida, they can happen. It’s better to turn the temperature down instead of completely shutting the heat off while you’re away.

Not Scheduling Plumbing Service

Ideally, your plumbing would work great forever without any issue. But plumbing doesn’t always work that way. Having your plumbing serviced helps to detect small leaks and other issues before they turn into big ones. It also helps you spot biological growth and other concerns. Furthermore, when you want to sell your house, you won’t have surprises during the inspection that could prevent the sale.

If you have a plumbing issue in your house, don’t ignore it. Call Custom Air and Plumbing at (866) 819-0992. We’re standing by to help you avoid and repair plumbing mistakes.

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